I kind of think Atheism has two sides:

2. The want to do whatever oneself wants and denying the judgement of God from it all.

Sadly, the second group…

Jesus said whosoever loves me will obey me. John 14

Are you doing that? Are you living by faith working for God instead of money and living on His provisions? Matthew 6, 7, Romans 1, Galatians 3, Heb 10.

Have you heard about the teachings of Jesus in the first place? Most people have not and still reject them when confronted with them. Luke 6

Risitas looks at religions and the church

For instance, one day there was a churchy person, who attacked me for preaching the truth. How does this kind of psyhcotic behaviour correliate with Jesus in any manner? I forgive and let it go, also bless them. Matthew 5

Jesus said it as such, do you believe Him or not? His Words are Life, and His teachings are the order of His kingdom called heaven. John 6

Only by obeying Jesus Christ in everything you will be saved surely, Matthew 7, Luke 6. This also requires you to reject the mark of the beast when it comes around.

Please, do not waste God’s time in lukewarmness, so if you will not even forsake all for Him, let Him be. Luke 12, 14.

Jesus said if you are not willing to forsake your life for Him, you cannot be a Christian. Luke 14

Are you ready to die for Jesus, do you love Him that much? Then reject the mark of the beast to come and die for your faith, or much rather live through those times if you learn to obey Jesus in everything He taught, working for God instead of money. Matthew 6, 7.

Why is the religious world what it is? Risitas looks at religions and the church

In Romans 1, Galatians 3 and Hebrews 10 Paul describes the work for God and living on His provisions instead of money “living by faith”.

If a person really reads the teachings of Jesus in the 4 gospels, they will discover that all the others only testify and support to Jesus and His teachings.

Love is the way to heaven, and to really love you have to drop your current and old god of money and let Jesus become your real God by working for him instead of money. Matthew 6 and 7.

Jesus also said you must forsake all, everyone and your life for Him to become a Christian in the first place. Luke 12 and 14.

Is primarily to work for God instead of money, forsake all, preach the gospel, sell everything you have and give it to the Poor. Luke 12, 14, Matthew 6, 7, 28.

There is also a thing that will block your access to heaven if you go with it, and it…

James Johnson

Jesus is my Master, I’m only an unprofitable servant of His. How to really follow Jesus is to obey Him in all that He taught in the 4 gospels.

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